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Shire Post Mint

Tooth Fairy's Set of 20 Bronze Coins

Tooth Fairy's Set of 20 Bronze Coins

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A robust calcium trade benefits all Toothdom! The Fairy Tooth Exchange (FTE) is the Fairy Land Bank of Tooth’s main hub, existing concurrently and not at all, which makes trade and commerce a tricky business. More steady in value than human money, the Bank of Tooth has a time-fixed 1:1 tooth-to-coin valuing system.

The bronze provided here will start you on your way to apprentice tooth fairy status. There is an included Milky Way Galaxy locale license for the distribution of the 20 included coins.

DIY coin envelope contains 20 tiny bronze coins (each weigh 0.72 grams and are .36"/9.2mm in diameter) 1 Toothsters Union Fairy Affiliate Document Coin design by Woody and Helen Maringer. One side of the coin is a classic depiction of a molar, the other proclaims "Tooth Fee" in the runes of Elder Futhark and Dente Nvmisma, Latin for "Tooth Coin", surrounding the initials of the esteemed Tooth Fairy position.

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