From printmaking classes in college, to blind faith cross-country moves, bumps, thumps, detours (and scenic routes) along the way... plus a bit of dry wit and a questionable sense of humor, we find ourselves here... doing what we can to live a PRETTY DECENT LIFE. Thanks for taking interest in what keeps us sane. Good luck out there.


    • Earth-friendlier products like water-based inks because that plastic-based stuff stinks.
    • Almost all of our products are hand printed by us except when we get real fancy for ya... sometimes we call in the big shots.
    • Premium cottons and cotton blends for superior feel and fit because if you don't want to wear it... you won't.
    • Socially responsible manufacturing. Carefully selected garments from manufacturers we can respect because well... we're all pretty decent humans here.

    • We want to work with you!
    • Seeking all artists, doodlers, daydreamers, designers, and wannabe-but-haven't-yets! Let's make something rad together.
    • Email us your favorite bad movie and tell us what you wanna make at thepeople@prettydecentgoods.com